2PK New Genuine Smith Corona H Series 21000 Correctable Typewriter Ribbon

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as of 11/29/2023 (Details)

Smith Corona 21000 Correctable Film Black Ribbon which gives you unmatched sharpness and clarity for printed text. To be used only with Lift-Off Correcting Cassettes or Lift-Off Correcting Tape spools (SMC21060, SMC21050 or Nu-Kote 269LC, 268TL). Two Correctable Film Black Ribbons per package. Also known as H21000. Smith Corona Machines 235DLE 240DLE 250DLE 300DLE 335DLE 340DLE 345DLE 350DLE 400DLD 435DLD 440DLD 450DLD 5100 530DLD 535DLD 540DLD 600DLD 635DLD 640DLD 650DLD Deville 100 Deville 110 Deville 125 Deville 200 Deville 210 Deville 250 Deville 265 Deville 410 Deville 450 Deville 470 Deville 510 Deville 580 Deville 600 Deville 610 Deville 650 Deville 700 Deville 750 Deville 80 Deville 800 Display 1000 Display 900 Display Dictionary DX2600 DX3400 DX3500 DX3600 DX4000 DX4400 DX4500 DX4600 DX5000 DX6000 Mark I Mark II Mark IX Mark V Mark VI Mark VII Mark VIII Mark X Mark XI Mark XII Mark XV Mark XVI Mark XVII Mark XVIII Mark XX Mark XXI Mark XXII Mark XXIII Mark XXV Mark XXVI Mark XXX Memory Correct 600 Office 2000 Premier 100 Privileg 1620 Privileg 1630 Privileg 1640 WP100 PWP1000 SD250 SD265 SD275 SD300 D300SR SD400 SD600 SD650 SD660 SD670 SD680 SD685 SD700 SD750 SD760 SD770 SD775 SD780 SD800 SD850 SD860 SD870 SD880 SD900 SE100 SE200 SE300 SII SL105 SL460 SL470 SL480 SL500 SL560 SL570 SL575 SL580 SL600 SL80 XD4600 XD4700 XD4800 XD4900 XD4950 XD5250 XD5500 XD5600 XD5700 XD5800 XD5900 XD5910 XD6500 XD6600 XD6700 XD7000 XD7500 XD7600 XD7700 XD7800 XD7900 XD8000 XD8500 XD9500 XE1600 XE1630 XE1950 XE5000 XE5100 XE5200 XE6000 XE6100 XE6200

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