Bigger 24-Pack ERC30 ERC-30 ERC 30 34 38 B/R Compatible Cash Register Ink Ribbon Used for ERC38 NK506 (Black and Red)

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Precision Mold Bigger ribbon cartridge replacement for erc 30 ribbon cartridges are made in precise specifications, allow for seamless and easy installation into your printer. Compatible printer models EPSON ERC30 34 38 EPSON TM200 260 267II 270 300C 300A 300B 300D EPSON TM-U370 200 220 200A 200B 200D 220A 220B 220D 230 300 375 325 280 210D 210B EPSON M119 119B 119D 133A 17-JB 270 52-JB DATAMEGA TM-U375 370 DATAMEGA DPN-2700 MICROS 1200W 1300W 1320W 1370W 1390W 1700 2415W 2700 4000W 4700W 400-344 4300-395 MICROS AUTOCUT 2000 4000w MICROS TM200 300 NCR 7455 K910 JOURNAL NIKKO NK-400 NORAND 4810 OMNIPRINT OM-100 OM-200 OPC-200 PANASONIC PM300 308 PANASONIC JS-7000 MAIN PANASONIC JS-7500 8000 9000 REMOTE PTR SHARP ER2975 3210 A750 SIEMENS BEETLE 70 TEC RE-2000SLIP 2500SLIP 3000SLIP 3500SLIP WOOJIN ADP-200 300 400 TOEA ET1420 RI SAMSUNG SRP270 Superior Security & Environmental Performance The ribbon is odorless, no harmful ingredient. The shell is made of ABS compound, can be reused and naturally degraded without polluting the environment. Installing Steps Step 1: Open the cover of the printer Step 2: Install the compatible ribbon cartridge Step 3: Tighten the screws Step 4: Close the cover Notice 1. Some models look like almost the same (for example, 1600K3 and 1600K3H), but have thoroughly different structures and are NOT compatible for each other. 2. Make sure that the printer is turned off before changing the cartridge. 3. Please do not touch the white wire in the printer. If you have any question, please free feel to contact us. Our professional service team are willing to help you.

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