Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer for iPhone and Android. Your Photos Come to Life Like Magic! – Black

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as of 10/04/2023 (Details)

"The world just got a little more magical. The Harry Potter photo and video printer uses patented Life print technology to make your prints come to life and share them with your friends around the world. Here’s what this printer can do: photos that come to life like magic in your hands - print videos from your phone and embed the moving Image inside your printed photo! Use the free App to reveal the secrets and make your images come to life. share photos with others in your house - You’ll be able to select your existing house when you sign up to the app and when you do, you can meet others in your house through our explore function and share photos to each other printers from anywhere in the world (with their permission of course). wizarding world themed AR facial filters - have the most fun with included Augmented Reality facial filters that change your face to look like Dumbledore, Trelawney, tanks, or even boggart Snape! So much fun it’s ridiculous. privacy/security: The Harry Potter photo and video printer app is powered by Life print technology. Life print is a social network for physical photos. This means you’ll need to create an account when you sign up and your Life print images will be stored securely online with multiple privacy settings for you to pick from. We take privacy very seriously. But if you have major issues with storing images in the cloud or just don’t like joining social networks, please note before you purchase. print from your favorite social media - Connect the Harry Potter photo and video printer to your Facebook and Instagram accounts to make it super simple to print and share those memories too. Also works with GIFs, saved Snaps, Apple Live Photos, and more. wizarding world stickers and full editing suite - edit your photos to perfection within our full editing suite and add wizarding world themed stickers to your prints for that extra flair. 2x3 sticker photos - The Harry Potter photo and video printer uses no ink to print and all photos are ‘sticky backed’ so you can decorate your room or schoolbooks with your most cherished memories. Easy to use - one-click Bluetooth printing makes capturing and printing your favorite memories easier than ever.

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