MG Chemicals Red GLPT Insulating Varnish, 55 ml Bottle

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Protect motor windings, small dry type transformers, and coils from arcing, discharge and oxidation. Class F thermal protection 155 degree C. High dielectric strength. High gloss. Dielectric Strength (dry): 3000 V/mil. Liquid modified alkyds phase type. Red color. 1.06+/- 0.2 g/L or 8.85+/- 0.2 lb/gal Specific gravity. 15 degree C/59 degree F Flash point. Xylol thinner. 40-55 seconds at 25degree C viscosity. 80+ gloss. 1.0 mil recommended dry Film thickness. 655 sq ft/ gallon coverage at 1.0 ml DFT. 4.28 lbs/gallon Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC). 3000 V/mil at 1.0 mil thickness dielectric strength (Dry). 1500 V/mil at 1.0 mil thickness dielectric strength (Wet). RoHS compliant.

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