Pantone Plus Series GG1305 PREMIUM METALLICS Guide, Coated

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as of 11/29/2023 (Details)

Add Pop and Sizzle to Your Designs. The PLUS SERIES PREMIUM METALLICS is an all new book of 300 dazzling metallic colors developed in response to the rapidly rising popularity of these special-effect inks. PLUS SERIES metallic colors have greater brilliance, can be easily coated without any loss in luster and have a longer life after printing without fear of tarnishing or blemishing. Fan guide is chromatically arranged, for more intuitive color selection. Ink formulations are provided. Includes lighting evaluation tool and design software. Available on coated stock only. This product has the following benefits: 1) Market-driven special-effect colors; 2) Higher luster for greater impact; 3) Can be coated with aqueous and UV coatings; 4) Chromatic arrangement makes color selection more intuitive; 5) Substrate paper stock matches popular print specifications and is environmentally sensitive.

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