Photobee Portable Sticker Photo Printer – Pink (12 Sheets of Sticky-Backed Photo Paper are Included)

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as of 11/29/2023 (Details)

PhotoBee Portable Photo Printer Portable photo printer that offers you a portable photo studio. You can print your photos from your phone wherever, whenever you want! The 3 special features of the PhotoBee printer. 1. The best picture. At 310dpi, the PhotoBee will amaze you with the quality. 2. The fastest printing speed at only 45 seconds. 3. The best size. Designed for mobile photos with a size of 58mm x 89mm. Charges by the included micro USB cable ⁃ PhotoBee has a high-efficiency rechargeable battery. ⁃ PhotoBee fully charges in less than two hours. ⁃ A fully charged printer can print 25 to 30 photos. ⁃ PhotoBee supports portable battery charging. ______________________________________________________________________________ Supplies & cartridge Provides 12 photo papers, which are all-in-one cartridges with film ribbon and photo paper. Install a new cartridge when you use all 12 photo papers. Top 3 features of the photos printed by the PhotoBee: 1. They are waterproof. Photos will stay the same even if you accidentally put them in the washing machine. 2. Protection against the Sun. Photo colors will stay the same under sunlight. 3. Fingerprint prevention. No fingerprints will be left when touching the surface of the photo. Accessories provided. ⁃ Paper frames. To simply frame your happy moments. ⁃ Fantastic frames. To update the image of your house. ⁃ PhotoBee albums and photo box. To remember the very special and unforgettable moments. ______________________________________________________________________________ Android & iOS. Wi-Fi. ⁃ Android and iOS supported app available for printing via mobile device or tablet. ⁃ PhotoBee connects to smartphone via its own WiFi signal As long as you have PhotoBee, you can print photos.

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