Tuhoomall CB09 CB09U Graphtec Blade Holder Base with 15pcs Vinyl Cutter Plotter Cutting Blades 30/45/60 Degree

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CB09 Graphtec Blade Holder Vinyl Plotter Holder with 15pcs Blades Compatible with: Graphtec CB09U CB09 Which can help install: You can use a magnifying glass, strong light and most importantly handling the blade and spring with tweezers (which will save you sticking yourself). How to set your depth by using a scrap of vinyl? Using your hand to hold and pull the knife housing with the blade set to where you can hardly see it...and with a little pressure you pull it across the vinyl. Do this several times while adjusting the screw, until it does not cut the backing paper. you can laid a magazine under the vinyl to protect the table. Please set up the depth just right. Be sure to do a depth test cut so you don't ruin your project!just compare it to the Cameo blade and then do a test cut. Once you've installed the blade, turn the button at the other end of the holder to adjust the cut thickness. unscrew the black tip, insert the blade, add the spring, screw the tip back on. The hard part is making sure the blade goes to the right place and the spring stays on. Tips: 1. Blade should not extend too long, generally within half a millimeter is better, while paying attention to extended blade longer properly when carve the small print, in order to avoid the blade holder take the carved strokes away. Suitably engraved small print with new cutter and slow down. 2. When the word carved with angular phenomenon, you should change the blade to eliminate the problem, if the phenomenon persists after change blade, it should be the holder problem. 3. When problem arise the blade holder, try a drop of oil in the bearing and rotate the blade several times to lubricate, if still unresolved, consider replacing the blade holder. Package Includes: 1 x Blade holder 5 x 30 Degree Cutter Blade 5 x 45 Degree Cutter Blade 5 x 60 Degree Cutter Blade

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