WoodMaster 4400 Maintenance Kit

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as of 10/04/2023 (Details)

The WoodMaster 4400 Yearly Maintenance Kit has everything you will Need to Tune Up your WoodMaster. The Yearly Maintenance Kit Includes: Fire Rope- 8ft of Fiberglass Braided Rope- to seal the doors and any other gaps which let air in.. Handles well over 1000 degreesF. Silicone (to mount Fire Rope and Seal around Chimney and other areas if needed)- 10 oz tube, Hi Temp Silicone- Black Fan Cover- used to cover the blower to stop air from entering wood boiler. It is made from a high quality rubber and is backed by 20 gauge galvanized steel. Boiler Treatment- One gallon of ProTech 300 can treat approximately 300 gallons of boiler fill water with a yield of +/- 1500 ppm nitrite. Provided boiler corrosion protection- rust inhibitor. WoodMaster recommends that all these parts be replaced Yearly!!! This will greatly prolong the life of your Fans/Blowers and make your WoodMaster run like the day you bought it. You should drain all the water and refill your WoodMaster with fresh water also before adding the Boiler Treatment in. The whole job of replacing the maintenance parts should only take about 20 minutes. Easy Job... Be Self-Sufficient... This Kit also works for many other Brand of Outdoor Wood Boilers...

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